HR and headhunting firms differ in their recruitment processes

  1. Company internal HR: Mainly dealing with internal operations. Aside from recruitment, a lot of energy and time is spent on cultivating company morale and building various internal systems. Thus, many company HR departments will search for candidates through online recruitment information, job fairs, internal referrals, and other more relatively simpler forms of recruitment. 
  2. Headhunters: A headhunter’s everyday and most important job is to find talents. In addition, because they spend a lot of time and attention on specific fields, they have better judgment and understanding of what types of candidates certain job vacancies are looking for. In addition, headhunters usually use more eclectic methods to actively contact suitable candidates, improving overall recruitment efficiency.

Understanding of candidate background increases the speed of signing successful cases

Usually headhunting companies get paid after successfully filling a job vacancy, and insures that the candidate will stay throughout the probation period. Therefore, headhunters are motivated to use the quickest and most accurate methods in providing information of candidates suitable for open positions. Headhunters will also go through initial interviews with candidates to gain a deeper understanding of the candidates background, before sending off the information of candidates who most fit the soft and hard skills that the companies are looking for. 

Can understand latest market trends through headhunters

Because headhunters focus on specific fields, the have a good grasp on most up to date market and salary trends. You can ask headhunters for market related information, as well as any advice related to the market information. 

Clearly communicate company information

In the first steps of our collaboration, you should first explain clearly the company’s culture, product, expected income, candidate expertise etc. The more company information we have, the better it is for headhunters to find candidates who best fit the specific job vacancy. We prefer meeting in person, as it allows for us to have a better grasp of each other’s roles within the collaboration, allowing for greater teamwork. 

Confirmation of contract contents

The fee of commission will be based on the contract that we sign with you, and is typically a percentage of said successful candidates annual salary.  

Give solid feedback

Through our constant feedback, we hope to deepen the camaraderie we have with our company clientele, and make sure there are no discrepancies in information for both parties. Frequent feedback can also allow us to better understand the company’s desired candidate criteria, speeding up the recruitment process. 

Ownership of candidate information

Because headhunting feeds are given after cases are successfully closed, many companies used the services of multiple headhunting firms. As such, where successful candidate information originated becomes important. If two headhunting firms recommend the same candidate at the same time, who will be paid commission? If your company decides to utilize multiple headhunting companies, said company should have policies in place to manage, regulate, and prevent conflicts of this nature.

We recommend companies to approach headhunting firms with the mentality of looking for long-term partners, and establish camaraderie with them. Becoming familiar with each other’s work style and habits can increase the efficiency and rate of successful cases. 

H&L’s speciality is that all candidates recommended to you by us are talents that we have personally interviewed and vetted.

H&L consultants through their interviews with candidates try their best to holistically understand the candidates motivation and how their strengths are suitable for the company/specific job vacancy. IN addition, H&L consultants continue to care for candidates even after they have successfully gotten a job.