Frequently Asked Questions

  • Decrease the amount of information discrepancy
    1. Can provide job seekers with information that is not on the published job description, including a more indepth and specific job description, reporting manager for the position, who is on the team, company culture etc.
    2. Can help analyze industry trends: Can help job seekers better understand where they stand in the current job market, including their value and competitiveness compared to other candidates with similar backgrounds, as well as provide suggestions on areas of improvement. 
    3. Become exposed to more inconspicuous and diverse job opportunities.
  • Increase the likelihood of getting an interview
    Headhunters are the most knowledgeable of both the employer’s job vacancy needs and the candidate’s ideal job criteria. Through in-depth discusses with the candidates, given suggestions to candidates based on the company’s needs, highlight candidates strengths to companies, increase the chances for companies to send out interview invitation. 
  • Provide recommendations and edits to resume/CVs 
  • Assist in negotiating for a more salary that is closer to your desire standard 

We do not request any fees from job seekers, rather, are solely focused on helping job seekers find the job that best fits their preferences and background. After we have successfully helped a job seeker secure their ideal role, we receive our commission through the company that hired said candidate. 

You can submit your resume as well as preferred job criteria under “submit resume.” After obtaining this information, one of our executive search consultants will reach out to you as soon as we can if there are suitable job vacancies that meet your preferences/credentials.

After reviewing your resume, one of our consultants will first conduct an initial phone or in-person screener to confirm whether you are comfortable with us sending your resume and personal information to interested companies. Once we obtain your consent, our consultants will utilize your resume to recommend you to our client. If our client expresses interest in your application, we will help schedule your initial interview with the client. 

We recommend job seekers to ask headhunters as many questions as they desire. Below are some examples of questions that you could ask:

Related to the hiring company’s search process

  1. Why is this job open? Is it a new position, did the person who previously occupied this position leave, or another reason?
  2. How long have you been recruiting for this position? Has the recruitment process been hard? If yes, how so?
  3. What are the responsibilities associated with this position?

Related to the hiring company

  1. Is the company size, company culture, employee specific benefits and salary up to your desired standard?
  2. Aside from the responsibilities in the job description, does the company allow its employees the opportunity and space for innovation and personal expression? What are the future colleagues I will be potentially working with like?
  3. In addition, a lot of job seekers who are transitioning from old to new positions hope to gain a raise in their overall monthly/annual income. Through working with an executive search consultant, you can receive more specific and concrete answers regarding this topic. We, of course, tell our job seekers to consider the company and the development of the specific employment field along with salary when they are making their final decision.

Interview related questions

  1. How long does the interview process take? What are some key areas to pay attention to during interviews? Do you have any general tips for me?
  2. Headhunters are the closest HR personnels that job seekers may have. Through the help of executive search consultants, job seekers can gain more personal directives. This personal attention help the job seeker be prepared to bolster personal strengths, reframe your weaknesses, and help maintain an update schedule.

We do not limit our cases to job vacancies in Taiwan. IN the past, we have successfully filled job vacancies in foreign countries like Singapore, America, Japan, and Malaysia etc. 

No, your personal information that you submit via our website will be kept private. We take your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information seriously. Before we send your resume out to interested employers, we make sure to not only brief you on relevant information of the job vacancy, but also obtain your consent to send your information and resume to the employer.

No, we don’t require job seekers to sign contracts. 

We have also heard of headhunting companies that force their talents to sign relevant agreements that require job seekers to pay a fine for

    1. Not showing up to their new job
    2. Failing to stay in their new job for more than 3 months.

To us, these types of agreements or contracts violate our “customers first” mindset. Thus, we hope to be a bridge between job seekers and employers, to provide both sides with professional advice, becoming companions to both job seekers and employers. As such, we will never require job seekers to sign unfair agreements.